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Product SKU number 631555. Brand new genuine LCD compatible with fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01 14.1 inch models. This is a replacement laptop LCD screen. Item is within UK stock and can be delivered as quickly as next business day.

FUJITSU SIEMENS FUJ CP329744 01 14.1 requires part numbers

We require your assitance

The laptop manufacturer has fitted more than one type of screen to this model that are not interchangeable. For this reason we require your assistance to help you identify the correct replacement part.

What information is required about my fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01?
We need you to remove the laptop screen display panel from the lid of the fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01 laptop. Once you have done this, you can supply the model number for your LCD screen using the easy and fast contact form below, and we will send you a quotation for the correct replacement. You should start by watching this short video tutorial, this shows you how to remove the LCD screen. The process takes around 15 minutes.

Why is this information required to buy a fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01?
Because there are variations of this particular screen for the model fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01, we need to verify details with you before you purchase. We take this measure with some models of screen that can be problematic to ensure you receive the correct product first time.

Where will I find the screen model number?
On the back of the actual display screen inside the lid of your fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01 laptop, once this is removed from the lid, you will notice the model number printed on the back of the screen. Be careful to let us have any suffixes or revision numbers after the main part number as well. We´ve given some examples below to help you identify the model number on your particular screen.

Identifying the screen model number in a fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01

Once you have removed the old screen from the fujitsu siemens fuj cp329744 01 laptop, you will be able to identify the screen model number. The model number is usually the boldest or largest text on the main sticker, as in the example below.


Screen manufacturer Model starts with Example  
AUO / AU Optronics A, B or G B156XW02 V.1  
BoeHydis / Hyundai BOE HV or HT HT140WXB-501  
Chi Mei N N17306 L02  
Chunghwa CLAA CLAA140WB01A  
Hannstar HSD HSD100IFW1 A00  
Hitachi TX
ID Tech IT or IA ITXG77C  
Innolux BT BT140GW02 V.9  
IVO MT M101NWT2 R2  
LG Philips / LG Display LP LP101WSA TL A1  
Quanta QD QD15TL07  
Samsung LT or LTN LTN156AT02  
Sharp LQ or LM LQ164M1LA4A  
Toppoly TD TD141TGCK1  
Toshiba Matsushita LTD LTD133EXBY  

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