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VAT free laptop screens
VAT or value added tax is a tax added to all goods and services available in the UK. Businesses located in the UK are able to claim back the VAT added to the goods we sell at the end of their tax year. Some businesses outside of the UK are also able to reclaim VAT. Eligibility, in this respect, however, doesn’t extend to non-business customers.

Applying for VAT exemption on our screens
If you meet the criteria listed below, we are able to sell you laptop screen(s) without added UK VAT.

  1. You must be a business
  2. Your business must be  located, and want purchased screens shipped, within the European Union
  3. You must possess a valid EU VAT registration number
  4. You must reside outside the UK.

If your company meets the criteria listed above, apply below for one of our  zero rated VAT accounts and you will be able to purchase screens both online, (our website will automatically remove the VAT,)  and over the phone, (our dedicated staff will provide help,) without paying VAT

Does the application take long?

After you have completed and submitted the application form blow, it should be processed within 48 hours, (the estimated time here provided is based on a standard Monday to Friday working week.) You will receive an email notification informing you as to whether your application was successful. If your application is successful, an account will be registered on our website using your email address and you will be able to purchase screens without VAT

Applying for VAT exemption when purchasing laptop screens

To apply for VAT exemption, please fill out the simple form below. Please note:  all essential fields must be completed. Once submitted, you application will be assessed by our accounts department and you will receive an email notification within 48 hours regarding the outcome. Providing the accounts department is satisfied your company meets the criteria listed above in the “Applying for VAT exemption on our screen section, a zero rated VAT account will be opened for you and you will be able to purchase screens without paying UK VAT.

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